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5 Winter Looks We Love for 2019!

Hey Praymates!

So we just left 2018 where we had some amazing Fashion trends but we are ready for that NEW NEW!

As we enter 2019, winter looks are a MUST. I understand that some of us are a little skeptical because we fear that it may not flatter our body type or we put on a few extra pounds during the holidays, but have no fear your girl Kema is here! Check out the Top 5 looks for Winter 2019:


Nude Turtleneck- (

Nude Trousers- (

Pumps- (


Black Turtleneck- (

Hat- (

Plaid Dress- (

Black Booties- (

Sunglasses: (


Two-Piece Set- (

Pumps- (


Asymmetric Pink Sweater- (

Trouser- (


Pearl Leather Skirt- (

Balloon Blouse (

Praymates tag #BGPFashion in all of your Winter 2019 looks to be featured our platform! Remember over here at Black Girls Pray we are all about where FAITH & FASHION collide.

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