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02. The Plunge - God is always there.

You can learn a lot from little kids 💗🙏🏾. The other day I took my niece Dyllan to the park. The entire time, she insisted on going down the slide by herself. I was hesitant to let her go because I didn’t want to explain to my sister as to why her child had even just one scratch, bump or hair out of place, so I told her no.

Instead of crying about it, she spoke boldly to me saying “Aunty BeeBee, I know you gonna be at the bottom - so just let me slide.” I thought about that. I thought about how sometimes I’m afraid to take the plunge because I’m unsure of who will be there to encourage me if I fall.

#Praymates, there is no guarantee that we won’t land on our butts, but there is assurance that God will ALWAYS be there to pick us back up. He put life’s obstacles in front of you so that you can speak boldly about them to Him. He wants us to proclaim to others that God is with us throughout the entire journey even the in hard falls.

He won’t always catch you because hitting the ground is a big part of growth, but what He will do is remind you that it’s ok and that He’s with you.

After she conquered the small slide about 5 or 6 times - she moved on to the big kids slide which was about 5 feet higher. This time she called out for me, “Aunty Bee Bee, this is high, slide with me”. I chuckled because I again God spoke in that moment. After you’ve taken the first plunge, It gets easier. You become more confident and you begin to glide through that experience with ease. Because God encouraged you, you felt empowered to do it over an over again. But then, you get a hunch. You want more - you want to reach new heights. Because you know God is with you, you head over to the big slide. This time though, it was bit different. She stood at the top of the 10 foot slide and gulped. She sat a the peak for a minute and then called out for me. This plunge was different. It was further up from the ground which meant a harder fall. What was interesting was that she didn’t shrink a back, she called for backup.

I think about times where I know that what is ahead of me will not only take strong will but will need big faith. This is where Jesus steps in. Jesus climbs to the top of the slide with me, He holds on to me tightly as we look at the steep incline, take a deep breath in prayer and then we plunge. Together.

I tell this story to remind you, that God is here for you for both the small and the big plunges. #blackgirlpray

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