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Sailing Single Series - How to Survive the Sea of Singleness

The crowd of people waved and cheered as we sailed away from their loved ones. Smiles wide on their faces as they beamed with excitement for the journey ahead.

"Farewell....Bon Voyage...Safe Journey", the land dwellers yelled, their voices dwindling in the distance as we pushed further and further out to sea.

I sat the for a minute, not knowing how to feel exactly. I love the water. If you guys know me you know I love being at places where the land and sea meet, where reality and infinite dreams seem to meet up for a midday rendezvous -- but this time it was different. My waterfront dream was morphing into a nightmare and I couldn't quite understand if I had been in the midst of a just bad dream or living out an even worse reality.

I thought to myself, "God, you've really done me in this time... what did I do (or not do) to deserve this." As I watched the land become a small speck in the distance, I felt the first tear roll down my face since I left the cruise port. "Bon Voyage" I though to myself, "Bon Voyage."


So as you know, this blog series is entitled Sailing Single: How to Survive the Sea of Singleness. There are many stages along this journey but Ive managed to bucket them into seven "snackable" blogs to spare you the lengthy, drown out novel style reading.

Stage 3: Headwinds - Sailing Forward through the Storm

Stage 4: My Beach Is Better - Combating Comparison

Stage 5: Smooth Sailing - Buoys and Boundaries - Trusting His Will + Plan

Stage 6: Anchored in HOPE or Harbored in Hatred?

Stage 7: A New Course Charted

In each blog (linked above), I'll share a story of my singleness journey up until today. I'm nowhere near finished the course but God has taught me a thing or two over the past couple years that I KNOW for sure will help some of you out there.

Although it may not seem like it, the Bible reminds us that:

"It's smooth sailing all the way with God".

(Psalms 84:12)

Ready to Set Sail?

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