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Return of the "Jesus Walks" Kanye with New Gospel Track Loading... 🤔

Christian crossover music is more prevalent now than ever. With more millennials dipping into Christian Hip Hop like never before, it seems like today's hottest artist want a piece of the promise as well!

According to TMZ, Slim of 112 elaborated on his recent meeting with Kanye West. Slim explained that the meeting he had with 'Ye had less to do with music and a lot more to do with spirituality. However, the topic of music did seem to arise during the meeting and Slim suggested that there's a chance they have new music on the way."We talked about a lot of things. There was a situation that's going on spiritually that he's involved himself in as far as church going on. It was kind of like the way I was raised. I was raised non-denominational," he said. "You could take music that's going on right now and you change it and you put, you know, the Lord, Jesus, you know, make it Christian. And it kind of draws the youth to church."

With all of the mental health conversation around Kayne, earlier known for His record breaking "Jesus Walks with Me" track, @BlackGirlsPray wonders if Kanye is attempting to come full circle. 

Often times, celebrities who have had early groundings in the Gospel go astray, the world entraps them, and the God redeems them, justing what was once a world platform for His will. Could Kanye's come to Kingdom be a return to walking with Jesus?

Let us know your thoughts!

This is @blackgirlspray

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