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New Year. RENEWed You. Six Ways to Start Your Year Off Right!

Hey Praymates!

Another year has begun and with that many are changing old habits and forming new ones. Let’s not give into saying the cliche “New Year, New Me” without making actual small changes that lead to permanent change. Take a look at these six ways to start your year off right:

1. Do a cleanse. Try drinking detox tea and water and switching to a cleaner diet by shying

away from processed and fast food. Diet can affect our mood and clarity of mind. If you’ve been indulging for far too long make the change! The cleaner you eat, the better!

2. Find a workout regimen that fits your lifestyle. Everyone has different needs whether it be weight loss, weight gain, toning, or just staying active there is something out there for you. Try a dance class, join a gym that won’t be a headache to get to. Get outside (yes, even in the cold) to go for a walk and get your blood flowing. MOVE! It may be a drag to start but once you get going you’ll be glad you did.

3. Let go of dead ends and dead skin. If you haven’t taken the time for physical self-care like getting that trim for your dead ends or getting a facial or body scrub to get rid of dead skin, start now. Winter tends to make us rough, do the necessary maintenance to let that glow push through. Sometimes an improvement in your physical can give you a mental boost!

4. Get a devotional and read it daily along with the scripture references.

If you’ve been looking to get back into the Word of God devotionals are a great place to start. Taking time to meditate on the Word and talking to God can make all of the difference in how you see your day, despite what happens! You can start with one of our favorite Bible apps.

5. Create a budget and savings plan. If you’re looking to see a difference in your finances today is a great day to start! Don’t have any savings at all? Start with saving a designated amount each paycheck and commit to not touching it (hide it form yourself if you have to.) You can also try a savings or investment app like Acorns which rounds up each transaction made in your bank account to the nearest dollar and invests the change for you!

6. Start whatever you’ve been procrastinating on. Have you always wanted to try something new but felt you didn’t have time or were afraid to branch out? Don’t hold yourself back any longer. Whether it’s a dance class or your own business, if you’ve always wanted to try it JUST DO IT. Before you know it you’ll be wondering what took you so long.

Read Colossians 3: 9-10 (NASB) “...since you laid aside the old self with its evil practices, and put on the new self who is being renewed to a true knowledge according to the image of the One who created him...”

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